Inclusive economy in Winnipeg

Stories of Community Economic Development in Winnipeg

A highlight from the Winnipeg laboratory on poverty reduction and urban development: this video on social economy in Winnipeg, an approach to building inclusive local economies and combatting poverty, was produced by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (Manitoba) in collaboration with the Canadian Community Economic Development Network Manitoba and the Manitoba Research Alliance.

All around us we see the results of the gaps that capitalism leaves. The Inclusive Economy gives a glimpse into the world of Community Economic Development (CED), and showcases the good work that's going on right here in our province.

Economists, CED practitioners, and employees of Social Enterprises and Co-ops share their experiences to give a full picture of an economy that is for and by people.

This film is a project from the CCPA Manitoba, collaborating with the Canadian Community Economic Development Network Manitoba, the Manitoba Research Alliance, and Rebel Sky Media.

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