Co-constructing public policy for the social and solidarity economy

The KIP Universitas Programme has now published the latest issue of Universitas Forum: Co-constructing public policy for the social and solidarity economy. This special issue is the result of a collaborative effort between Universitas Forum and the Chantier de l'économie sociale in Montreal, Quebec (Canada) and it contains the abridged versions of background working papers and country case studies prepared for the International Forum on the Social and Solidarity Economy (FIESS) held in Montreal (Canada) in October 2011. Universitas Forum uses open-access publication software and articles can be downloaded free of charge. Table of contents and abstracts can be viewed in any of its four languages: English, French, Italian and Spanish. The full text of articles are published in their original languages only. To view them, please select the respective language in the language box.



Universitas Forum, Note from the editorial committee

Marguerite Mendell, Co-Constructing Public Policy For The Social And Solidarity Economy

Critical Concepts

Neil Bradford, Territory And Local Development: A Place-Based Perspective

C.H. Nelson, M.L. Stroink, Food Security And Sovereignty

Mathieu de Poorter, Employment And Work

Marguerite Mendell, Rocío Nogales, Solidarity FinanceRoger Spear, Innovation And Collective Entrepreneurship

In Practice

Marco Velasco Olivarez, Public Policies Of Social Economy And Dialogue With The Civil Society In Bolivia

Ana Maria Dubeux, Ana Mercedes Sarria Icaza, Alzira Josefa De Siqueira Medeiros, Gabriela Cavalcanti Cunha, Mariluce Paes de Souza, The Dynamics Of Relations Between Solidarity Economy Forums And Public Policies For The Solidarity Economy In Brazil

Paul Chamberlain, Mike Toye, Geneviève Huot, Émilien Gruet, Co-Construction Of Public Policy For The Social Economy In Canada

Mamadou Goïta, Madani Koumare, Work And Employment, Food Security And Sovereignty, Social And Solidarity Economy In Mali

Samuel Barco Serrano, Public Policies Of Social Economy And Dialogue With Civil Society In Spain

Susan Steinman, Jerome van Rooij, Developing Public Policies For The Social And Solidarity Economy In South Africa.

From our archives

Nancy Neamtan, Social Economy: Concepts And Challenges

Lucie Dumais, Annie Camus, Jean-Marie Tremblay, Ten Years Of Social Economy In Montreal Analysed Through The Work Of Local Development Agents

Giancarlo Canzanelli, Marguerite Mendell, Crisis, Values, Governance And Territorial Development

To view this issue, click here: Universitas Forum Vol 3, No 2 (2012)

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