Senegalese culture in the KIP Pavilion at Expo Milan 2015

Senegalese culture in the KIP Pavilion: towards new solutions for development and cooperation between territories

Innovative partnerships for the development of attractive territories was the main theme of a week dedicated to Senegal in the KIP Pavilion.

The week began with the visit of a delegation of mayors of several Senegalese cities, who, in the KIP Pavilion, met representatives of the Italian Association of Municipalities (ANCI), mayors of several Italian cities and those of the Italian Città Slow network.

From the 27th to the 30th of July 2015, the KIP Pavilion hosted a delegation led by Abdoulaye Diouf SARR, Minister of Local Governance, Development and Territorial Planning of the Republic of Senegal. The delegation was composed of representatives of the Ministry of Local Governance, Development and Territorial Planning, elected officials of the Departments of the Regions of Kaolack and Sédhiou, and representatives of development agencies and universities. The days dedicated to Senegal were organized in collaboration with the Programme "Innovative Knowledge of Local Development" (CIDEL), funded by the Italian Cooperation in Senegal, with which the KIP International School collaborates.

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