International Training Workshop on “Participatory Governance of Territorial Development”

As part of the collaboration agreement between the Legislative Assembly of the Emilia Romagna Region and the KIP International School through the Universitas Programme, an international training workshop on the participatory governance of territorial development” is in the planning stage, open to the participation of interested actors from Senegal, where collaboration with the KIP International School is presently taking place.  The seminar will take place over five days, with on-site visits to experiences of participatory democracy and peer dialogue with involved actors.

These experiences are being supported by the Legislative Assembly, thanks to its innovative Regional Law established in 2010 regarding the participation of citizens and their organizations in public policies. The law intends to provide an incentive to participatory democracy as an opportunity to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the public administration. It provides additional resources to public entities that wish to develop a process of active citizen participation and agree to suspend any decision related to the object of the participatory process that could prejudice its outcome.

The five days will include presentations and discussions of the regional law and its application in the planning and programming of the Regional Health and Welfare system through a number of district-level integrated plans, and presentations of the context for territorial planning in the international participants’ own countries.  Three days will be dedicated on visits to the experiences of Bagnacavallo (RA), Novi di Modena (MO) and Casalecchio di Reno, to learn about the participatory processes put in place, the methodologies and instruments used and to evaluate the results obtained so far through dialogue and exchanges with the individuals, professionals, institutions and organizations involved. The final day will be dedicated to reflections about the role of institutions and professional figures in facilitating and orienting effective participation and to identifying further concrete collaboration.

This activity is also part of a process to systematize some of the experiences of participatory governance of territorial development of the Emilia Romagna Region in view of establishing a permanent international laboratory on the same subject, as part of the international network of human development laboratories associated with the KIP International School.

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