Spring School on Governance of Sustainable Tourism

Pesaro e Urbino (Italy), 16 - 27 May 2011

From 16 to 27 May 2011, 21 participants from the regions of Vlora and Shkodra in Albania, where the UNDP ART GOLD Programme was being implemented, took part in the Spring School on the Governance of Sustainable Tourism. The Spring School was organized and academically coordinated by the Universitas Programme with the technical and financial support of the Marche Region, and in collaboration with the Marche Polytechnic University and the Urbino Working Group on Internationalization (Province of Pesaro and Urbino, the Municipality of Urbino, the University of Urbino “Carlo Bo” and the Regional Authority for the Right to Education - ERSU).

The Spring School was an opportunity to analyze different elements of an integrated strategy for sustainable tourism and territorial development, identify opportunities for training of sustainable tourism operators and strengthen partnerships for future technical exchanges between Vlora and Shkodra Regions (Albania) and the Marche Region (Italy). Moreover, it was an opportunity to experiment an approach to professional development based on the systematization of experiences of excellence, peer-exchanges and interaction between theory and practice.

The structure of the programme revolved around topics such as: decentralization, human development and the governance of sustainable tourism; strategic planning: “quality of life and growth”; enhancing and protecting cultural heritage, environmental resources and the landscape; territorial marketing and communications strategies; integrated waste management; development of human resources for tourism and cultural heritage. Central to the course methodology were the numerous presentations and visits to structures and experiences of excellence in the Marche Region, in the Provinces of Pesaro and Urbino and Ancona: the bicycle path between Pesaro and Fano; the museum system of the Province of Ancona; the Ancona harbour area; the natural reserve “Gola del Furlo”, the itinerary “Terre del Duca” that included visits to Urbino, “city of art and Unesco World Heritage site”, the vocational school for tourism and catering “A. Panzini” in Senigallia and the annual festival “Corsa dei Ceri Mezzani”, illustrating inter-regional cooperation around immaterial heritage between Marche and Umbria Regions; and finally, a guided visit to the dump “Ca Lucio” with its system for biogas and compost production. Recipes innovated from those of the great chefs of Italian Renaissance courts provided the fitting conclusion to this two-week learning experience, as part of the event “Piatto del Duca 2011”.

The participants were young women and men from the public administrations of the Regions of Vlora and Shkodra, several municipalities from the same regions, managerial and project staff from the local economic development agencies “TEULEDA” and “AULEDA”, as well as researchers and university professors and professional staff of international organizations working in Albania. Their excellent profiles, knowledge and enthusiasm made the analysis of the experiences visited and the comparison with those of their country particularly rich and interesting for the many professionals for the Marche region who generously offered their time, experience and expertise, together with professors and researchers from the universities of Urbino and Ancona.

The Spring School was the first experience of collaboration between the human development laboratories in Albania and the Marche Region on this issue, as part of the process to create the KIP International School.

For more information, please click here to read the course presentation brochure. To see the programme, click here.

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