International Training Seminar on Participatory Governance and Territorial Development (Emilia Romagna Region)

Legislative Assembly of Emilia Romagna Region, Bologna (Italy)

Participatory governance and territorial development was the subject of a five-day workshop based on the exchange of experiences between actors of development and experts and practitioners of participation, organized with the support of the Legislative Assembly of the Emilia-Romagna Region. The workshop addressed the global crisis in the relationship between citizenship/territory and institutions. What are the possible tools and approaches to address this crisis, revitalize  institutional processes and the quality of development? Can decentralization itself solve the crisis of the quality of development or do we need specific paths that involve direct participation of citizens at a local level? These were the issues addressed during the workshop.

To view the programme of the international seminar in Emilia Romagna in French, click here, in Italian, click here.

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To view the documentation distributed to the participants during the Seminar, click here.

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