¿Mó köböni ño?

14/01/2016, Coto Brus, Costa Rica, Laura writes:

I recently returned to Italy and although I reunited with my mountains and familiar landscape, it still felt strange not to be surrounded by vegetation and vast coffee plantations. My internship in Central America was very intense and having spent the first half in El Salvador and the second in Costa Rica, I got to know two very different Latin American countries quite well.

During the first part, collaborating with the ADEL La Unión, I learnt to handle all activities related to the process of implementing a project: I worked with the most vulnerable bracket of the population of eastern El Salvador, which taught me more than it can possibly imagine.

During the second half, I had the opportunity to collaborate with the International Organization for Migration - IOM Costa Rica. Given my interest in this field (which was also the subject of my thesis), it was an incredible opportunity for me. My previous experiences with migrants (in Spain) and with the indigenous people of Guaranì (Bolivia) incouraged the Costa Rican national office staff to involve me in the “Programa Conjunto de Seguridad Humana de los Migrantes temporales indigenas Ngäbe-Bugle en Costa Rica y Panama”, a program which allowed me to further develop my knowledge on the issues of migrant's reception and rights, and come face to face with a native population that is still outside the logics of globalization to which we are accustomed and preserves all of its traditions and beliefs .

In both experiences, being in constant contact with the local population was definitely the most important and interesting aspect: the comparison with realities completely different from my own and questioning purely European certainties and paradigms, made me grow in many ways, both professionally and personally.


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