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07/07/2015, Rome, Italy, Beatrice writes:

Indigenous Terra Madre 2015

Shifting Cultivation, Chiang Mai, Thailand 2015*

Indigenous Terra Madre 2015 will be the occasion to celebrate and confront the richness of the knowledge and practices conserved by indigenous communities from all over the world. These practices are based on the respect for natural, alimentary and cultural global diversity.

Among the themes that will be discussed during the event, the debate will focus on many agricultural practices and practices related to pollination, two kinds of activities for which the Indigenous Partnership has supported the creation of two Networks of indigenous communities and organisations, as I explained in a previous post. These practices are extremely important to preserve agrobiodiversity, and the indigenous communities have developed them with configurations characterised by high cultural and spiritual value and with a deep respect for the territories with which they usually interact.

Another theme that will be discussed during ITM 2015 will be the role played by some matriarchal indigenous communities, among the last existing all over the world, in the conservation of global agrobiodiversity and in building more egalitarian societies. These societies are based on a strong sense of solidarity and community and individual wellbeing depends on the wellbeing of the entire society, which is always linked to the richness of agrobiodiversity and to social sharing.

The concept of wellbeing as developed by indigenous culture will also be discussed. This concept is generated by the social and historic horizon of each society and is strongly connected to the harmony within the communities and their environment. These perceptions are very different if compared to the capitalistic and neoliberal ones, and they allow us to imagine more inclusive and fair realities with regard to humans and their territories.


[*] Photo credit: Gleb Raygorodetsky for Indigenous Partnership

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