#503 El Salvador Calling

#503 El Salvador Calling

"#503 El Salvador Calling" has been created to share my personal and professional journey in the country that has # 503 as international dialing code. I'm going to "call" once a week to tell stories, projects and describe people I will meet along my journey. Short and brief calls, such as those from abroad, to discover together this fascinating country.
#503 El Salvador Calling! Answer!

14/11/2014, La Unión, El Salvador, Massimo writes:

Happy birthday ADEL La Unión!

It's time to blow out the candles because this week the Asociación Agencia de Desarrollo Económico Local of the Departamento de La Unión - ADEL La Unión – turns two ! : an occasion to think about what has been done and learnt so far.

The association was founded in 2011, with the support of the United Nations Program for Development “ART El Salvador” , requested first by the Subsecretaría de Desarrollo y Descentralización (SSDT) and, subsequently, by the Secretaría Técnica de la Presidencia (STP ). Like all children, ADEL La Unión started to explore the world around it, the one of local development, driven by strong curiosity and the desire to play an important role in supporting the process of local economic development, citizen participation and territorial governance. No newborn baby can walk alone, and that’s the reason why ADEL La Unión has received and continues to receive technical assistance from various institutions and organizations. In particular, we should thank the UNDP/ART Programme and the Comité Interinstitucional de Apoyo para el Desarrollo Económico Local (CIADEL) formed by the Secretaria Técnica de la Presidencia, the Ministry of Economy, the Ministry of Tourism, the Ministry of Agriculture, the Viceministerio de Salvadoreños en el Exterior and the Comisión Nacional para la Micro y Pequeña Empresa (CONAMYPE), for their continuous support.

Another thanks goes to all the ADELs situated in the territory, especially Morazan, which has always given great advice and suggestions to its "younger sister”, and ILS LEDA , represented by Giancarlo Canzanelli, that has always offered a hand to hold and ideas to think about. Furthermore, we can’t fail to mention the continuous support received by the entire board of directors of ADEL La Unión, its technical team and its collaborators: men and women who really want to contribute to the development of the Departamento with their experience, time and passion. Finally, we must thank the Legislative Assembly of Italy’s Emilia-Romagna Region, as well as KIP International School for their support through the ability, determination and spirit of service of its young professionals.

Thanks to its efforts and to the assistance received, in the last year ADEL La Unión has finally shown the strength to stand on its own two feet. In fact, during these past twelve months, it began managing two major projects for the Departamento de La Unión: "Impact of Migration on Economic Development in the Municipalities of Conchagua, Intipucá and El Carmen of the Departamento de La Unión" and "Impulse to Tourism Development in the Region of the Gulf of Fonseca." The activities carried out allowed it to face obstacles and fears, but also the joys and satisfactions that come after such hard work.

Work  that has been put in practice also by supporting the formulation of project proposals for the competition FONDEPRO issued by the Ministry of Economy and addressed to the cooperatives of the Departamento. Providing technical assistance to eleven Cooperatives, the ADEL could enhance its knowledge of the needs of people working in the various sectors that form local production. When, in a few days, the Ministry of Economy will award the best projects, ADEL La Unión will have the great satisfaction of knowing that it was of support to all winners and that it can take some credit if the cooperatives will be able improve production and marketing, creating better living conditions for many people.

But it doesn’t end here. The Association is currently offering its expert advice to the Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA) in the interest of the enterprises that produce oysters in the Gulf of Fonseca, and, furthermore, this year it has continued to manage the Centro para el Desarrollo de la Micro y Pequeña Empresa de La Unión (CDMYPE - ADEL LA UNIÓN) which, day after day, offers corporate and financial assistance to the entrepreneurs and business owners of the Departamento de La Unión.

By working with municipalities, public and private institutions at national or sub-national level, schools and vocational institutions, cooperatives and micro and small enterprises in the Departamento, ADEL La Unión is emerging as a territorial representative on the subject of local economic development. There is still much to do and to learn, but this year the Associación Agencia de Desarrollo Local Económico of the Departamento de La Unión blows out the candles with the awareness that it is now master of its own future and that this will largely depend on the determination with which it will continue to work hard, with the support of other institutions and organizations in the area, for the exclusive interest of local communities. The grape harvest this year is of excellent quality. Now ADEL La Unión must strive to consolidate the steps taken in order to produce a good wine. For this reason, I can only say: Happy Birthday ADEL La Unión! # 503El Salvador Calling, see you next Friday!


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