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A new partnership for maternal and child health

In Senegal, health is far from being a right guaranteed to everyone; budget cuts and ever-changing priorities negatively affect the maternal and child health sectors, which do not receive the funds they need to provide women ... more

The role of communication in the fight against child marriage and female genital mutilations

A key component of the projects I work on is communication: for strategic projects, whose results are mainly laws and policies rather than infrastructures, a multidimensional communication strategy is... more

Digital Data Collection: simplicity and efficiency

Now that Tabaski day and the holiday season are over, it’s time to focus on the heavy work load that awaits the coming months. The conclusion of the project “PASNEEG”, scheduled for the end of December, has officially been extended ... more

Human Rights, between saying and doing

Working on a project to promote and protect women means knowing and understanding the challenges, opportunities, strengths and weaknesses of a particularly vulnerable group of the Senegalese population ... more

The challenge of plastic

Ever since my arrival in Senegal, a fact that is making me terribly upset is the high level of pollution. We’re a long way from the naïve image of an almost uncontaminated Africa which, to be honest, I had in mind before moving ... more

How do we measure our well-being?

After a one-week field mission, Dakar looks like New York. In Kaolack, the capital of the homonymous region which borders Gambia, there are no ultra-modern buildings and roads are not always paved; there are no ... more

Discovering the AJS and the Boutiques de droit

It’s getting hot in Dakar. The warmth of the daytime and the cool of the evening that have characterised the climate since my arrival are giving way to heat and humidity. My Senegalese colleagues say that ... more

Justice and tradition: tracking a balance

Time is going by very fast but things evolve slowly at the Cellule Opérationnel de Suivi des Projets et Programmes de lutte contre la Pauvreté. I am fully committed to deepening my knowledge of ... more

The right to be a woman

Only a week has gone by since I started my training and I have already been involved in the celebration of one of the most significant days for the Ministry of Women, Family and Childhood: International Women's Day ... more

Au grand vent de Dakar

Warm sea under the influence of the sea current descending from the Canaries, fresh air, swept by the trade winds, a bright sun, in a sky without clouds, which warms, tones up and gives the white skins ... more

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