Universitas is active in identifying local development experiences that are willing to offer practical internships for a limited number of students and recent graduates from universities associated with the KIP International School. These are either integrated territorial development experiences or experiences with a thematic focus that are associated with KIP. A certain number of internships are also available with the international programmes of the School itself: Ideass, ILSLeda, Universitas and to support strategic partnerships.

Duration of Universitas internships is for a minimum of six months and are not remunerated.

At present such experiences have been identified in Albania, Canada, El Salvador, Italy and Senegal and through the ILS Leda network of Local Economic Development Agencies in Latin America, Eastern Europe and in Sri Lanka.

A small competitive scholarship programme, managed in collaboration with the Emilia Romagna Region of Italy, awards three bursaries per year to recent second-level graduates from the Region’s universities for a work-training period of 10 months in one of these experiences. The Rene Cassin prize is awarded through a competitive process for the best theses related to human development or human rights. Currently, discussions are underway with other local administrations to expand this successful programme.

Continue to watch for more announcements about availability of internship placements for 2018.

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