Conclusions of KIP Pavilion's experience in Expo 2015

Conclusion of KIP Pavilion's experience in Expo Milan 2015

KIP Pavilion in Expo Milan 2015

October 31 ended the experience of the KIP Pavilion at EXPO 2015. The KIP International School is especially proud to have built the Pavilion exclusively with private funding and that it was made available to governments, international organizations, ninetyfour groups and networks bringing together several thousands of public, private and associative organizations from forty countries. 

All the partners self-financed their participation, making EXPO also an opportunity to inform and mobilize their respective territories. They exhibited their products, photos, videos and documents about their best experiences, and organized creative events that drew thousands of visitors and animated the KIP Pavilion.

To read the Final Report, in Italian, on the activities of the Pavilion, click here. For more information, click here.

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