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Universitas Forum: International Journal on Human Development and International Cooperation

Universitas publishes an international electronic journal Universitas Forum. To date, nine issues of the journal have been published in collaboration with organizations such as UNIFEM-UN Women, UN-Habitat, UNDP, WHO, IDRC Canada, the Huairou Commission and the Chantier de l’économie sociale of Quebec (Canada). These have addressed such issues as local economic development, social and solidarity economy, decentralization and women's empowerment, integration of traditional medicine in public health systems, participation and planning for local development, knowledge for development and other themes that we feel are central to renewing the debate and teaching related to development.

Universitas Forum uses open-access publication software and articles can be downloaded free of charge. Table of contents and abstracts can be viewed in any of its four languages: English, French, Italian and Spanish, while full texts of articles are published in their original languages only. With the support of interested donors, Universitas may provide small research grants to grassroots organizations to permit practitioners to work with local researchers and journalists to document their innovative experience in forms such as case study articles, videos or podcasts which can be published on our electronic platform.


HDRNet: Human Development Resource Network

Universitas manages an open access electronic library which archives selected material pertinent to the study and practice of human development from a territorial approach. The Human Development Resource Net (HDRNet) is intended as a support to researchers, teachers and practitioners on a transdisciplinary and territorial approach to development and international cooperation. The material it archives is organized around the main fields of development action.


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